Distinguished Plenary Talk: HPC@ Airbus and Future Challanges

Gerd Büttner

Scientific Computing Architect, Airbus

HPC@ Airbus and Future Challenges


HPC has historically a large footprint in Aircraft industry. Airbus is always looking for new opportunities to improve our products. After 10 -15years of a stable HPC environment several new technologies arrive on the market. BigData, AI (Machine / Deep Learning) have to be integrated in the landscape. Cloud offers new opportunities, but create also new and additional challenges. Specially the software stack become more and more critical. All this has to be integrated in an architecture which fit with the regulation for Aircraft industry.


Started HPC activities more than 20 years ago with ccNUMA architectures (HP V-Class and Superdomes). Deployed first small distributed Cluster based on X86 architecture (AMD) in 2001 at Airbus. Led the HPC harmonization projects and activities up to 2014 in Airbus. In this frame deployed of the first HP HPC container solution in Europe 2008. 2015 moved to Airbus R&T to discover / develop new solutions. Since 2018 leading the Airbus Roadmap for Data Processing (AI, HPC, BigData, Blockchain)